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Collect and Redeem Rewards Programs

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Steak Bucks®
Steak Bucks is our popular collect & redeem rewards program, designed to keep your products and services top-of-mind with your customers, distributors, dealers or salespeople over an extended period of time. It truly gives you the edge to stay ahead of your competition.
The Steak Buck collect and redeem program
Why Steak Bucks?
  • Easy to implement
  • Perfect for ongoing loyalty and promotional programs
  • Recipients earn, redeem and want to earn more
  • A wide variety of redemption options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
An online catalog and redemption website is also available at
Here's How It Works...
  • Our specialists will help you set up a program that allows your recipients to earn Steak Bucks for meeting your desired objectives.
  • Each Steak Buck costs $10.00 while the redeeming value of each Buck averages $14.00. You can pay for Steak Bucks upfront or choose bill-on-redemption.
  • We'll provide you with logos and images to help you market your incentive program. Printed Steak Bucks brochures are available upon request.
  • Run your program and determine who qualifies for Steak Bucks. Easily place orders as needed via email or phone with our Corporate Specialists.
  • We send out the Steak Buck certificates in bulk or individually.
  • Your recipients collect Steak Bucks and choose from dozens of gourmet selections. Redemption is easy online, by phone or by mail. As few as 3 Steak Bucks are needed to place an order.
  • The gourmet selections are delivered directly to the recipient's door! Standard shipping & handling is included to any address in the contiguous U.S.
Success Stories
Goal: Dealer Sales Promotion
Omaha Steaks Program: Steak Bucks®
Details: : A national building supply company has used the Steak Bucks collect-and-redeem program for over 15 years. Sales representative visit with customers and presents each line of products. There is a Steak Buck "value" to each unit (skid, truckload, etc.) of product. The sales rep "tallies" up the total order and submits a request for Steak Bucks which are shipped to the local office. The recipient of the Steak Bucks has a wide variety of gourmet packages to choose from and all redemptions are delivered right to their door!

This client has tried other incentives but these are always inferior to Steak Bucks and the customers are always pleased when the Steak Bucks are offered. The client also takes advantage of the bill-on-redemption feature of the Steak Bucks to help manage their cash flow.
Goal: Customer Loyalty Program
Omaha Steaks Program: Steak Bucks®
Details: A financial services company has used the Steak Bucks program for over 10 years to create loyal repeat customers and boost sales. Each time a client sends a leasing contract, they earn Steak Bucks. The company tallies up the contracts each month and Omaha Steaks mails out the Steak Bucks to their clients. Each client can collect the Steak Bucks and easily redeem at their leisure. When the Steak Bucks run out, it is an incentive to their clients to send more contracts to earn more bucks.

This program has been so successful that it has been ongoing to for 10 years. This company also takes advantage of the bill-on-redemption feature of the Steak Bucks to help manage their cash flow.
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